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Go-Karting At GET Arena

In the last few months, I’ve been on a mission to try new and exciting things, particularly the things that scare me.

One of these things is driving. Now, I’ve had a fear of driving for quite a while. I will (eventually) take driving lessons but in the meantime, I’ve decided to make do by trying activities that simulate driving. One of such activities is Go-Karting.

I recently visited GET arena, a Go-Kart center in Lagos with a friend and had a blast.

The ride itself consisted of 10 laps around the circuit. Seeing as I’d never Go-Karted before, it was a big step for me in my journey to driving.



I wasn’t really sure how one should dress to a Go-Kart arena, but I’m in the process of perfecting my half-bun, so I thought I’d give it a try.


IMG-20171015-WA0016 (1)

Overall, I think I nailed my casual look, plus I’m now eternally obsessed with my new backpack.



GET arena is usually quite packed (we had to wait about 2 hours for our turn), but luckily has an indoor restaurant. Being the foodie you all know and love, I decided to try it out. Their Burger is definitely recommended (8/10).


Now, these things are always best done with a companion. Luckily Iju was on hand to make the day as awesome as possible.


Now, the actual driving part. Well, I crashed twice, unfortunately. Fortunately, it was a great experience and I now feel less apprehensive about learning to drive…..sometime in the future.



Obsession Alert : Flavored Water 


As you all know, I’m currently with team #fitfam and as such, I’ve been not only working out but working on taking better care of my body altogether. As a result, I’ve started using a food log, not really for weight loss purposes but really to get a better sense of what I’m putting into my body (watched this youtube video on sugar consumption in the 21st century that really opened my eyes).

 I’m also trying to cut down on my sugar consumption. I’ve cut out most fizzy drinks from my diet and began substituting with mainly water but quite a but of fruit juice as well. However, since reading the labels more carefully, I realised that I might as well have stuck to fizzy drinks as they have roughly the same calorie content and almost the same sugar content.  I was faced with the possibility of giving up altogether, but being a lover of sweet things, it would be hard. And so I set out to find a low-calorie and low-sugar alternative to juice. After all, I’d found one for fizzy drinks (diet coke, diet pepsi and diet everything). 
My search led me very quickly to flavored water which is for me one of the greatest wonders of drink and food. It’s water that, you guessed it, is flavored and so tastes exactly like juice. I remember taking my first sip and looking at the bottle like…what scorcery is this?? But it’s not scorcery at all. Just a zero calorie, zero sugar miracle of modern food production and my latest obsession.  With flavored water I get to enjoy the awesome taste of juice without Pilling on sugar. 


Ibadan-Iwo Trip Recap 


Over the last three days (Monday to Wednesday), I visited the town of Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria as well as Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. The trip was mostly to get a few things done at my (soon-to-be) alma mata but I took it as an opportunity for as brief get-away. 

The trip was one of the first of some solo adventures for me (many of which I’ll be sharing with you guys) and I had quite a few experiences.

Now, I’ve learned over the last few months the importance of packing light. After a few incidents of having to haul around a heavy bag and being severely inconvenienced, I’ve officially joined #teamlightpacking. I made it a point of duty to pack only three outfits for the three days I would be away, no extra outfits or ‘in case’ shoes. And this served me well. A friend of mine actually commented on how I’ve repented from over packing.  And I have. My box was about half full!


Now the major purpose of the trip in itself was to get my clearance done. Basically, you take a slip of paper and go to a bunch of places in the school to get ‘cleared’. All you records are checked to make sure you don’t have any outstanding issues or cases. 

I’ll be honest, it’s a frustrating process and I never want to go through again. All in all, it took 4 hours.  

Old Sites

You know how you never quite appreciate a thing until it’s more? Well, I had a good dose of that during my trip. My (ex) Universities chapel is truly a work of art. I’d always been meaning to take a proper photo infront of it but somehow procrastinated for 4 years. Well, in the middle of getting my clearance done, I finally did. 
Note to self: take more bomb photos with pretty backdrops. 


I love my food, I think we all know that and while in Ibadan I wanted to try something new. There is this eatery that sells amala (yam flour paste for the non-nigerians) that is very famous even beyond Ibadan. I’d been hearing of them for years and while in Ibadan, finally got to visit the legendary amala joint beside Skye bank at Bodija. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. 10/10 would recommend.  

My trip to Ibadan was beyond amazing as I take on more adventures, I look forward to sharing them with you guys. 

Tokoni Uti. 


One Month Internship Update 

Hey Guys,
Now it’s been one month since I started my internship at Genevieve magazine and in that period, I’ve learnt a whole lot, some of which I want to share with you guys. 

1. Sleeping habits can be adjusted. If you’ve spent any time around me, you’ll know that I LOVE my sleep and couldn’t ever imagine getting up earlier than 6 AM. However, over the last month, I’ve been consistently getting up over an hour earlier than that and sleeping later than usual. It turns out even the most religious sleepers can change. 😉

2. Organizing ahead: There has been no greater lesson in planning ahead than my time at the magazine. I plan my work outfits a week ahead, I plan my work lunches days ahead and plan my bus schedule ahead of time. The most important however, is learning to plan my work ahead of time. This means making notes on articles I need to write a week before hand, saving multiple drafts to make my work easier etc. 

3. Keeping to a schedule: I’ll come out and say it, I’m often a bit of a scatter brain. But through my internship I’ve learnt that keeping to acedulr schedule (especially in the professional world) is very essential. If I miss my first bus, i might get into the office late. If I don’t put out content on a certain schedule, everything will get messed up. Don’t worry, I plan to apply this to the blog and work on my consistency.

4. Show up for real: You know how a lot of us half-assed our way through school, cramming at the last minute and somehow getting by? Yeah, that doesn’t cut it in the real world. If you aren’t putting in the work for any reason, it will show. Theres no hiding it if you aren’t doing your job because it reflect in the quality of what you put out. This means reviewing yourself, learning quickly and accepting criticism. 

5. Nothing matters when you love what you do: Getting up early, sleeping less, a long commute, the work load. All of it feels less heavy when you enjoy what you’re doing and are genuinely excited about your work and your contributions to an establishment.  

I still have a lot to learn and will definitely give updates as that happens. Overall, I’m beyond excited to share this amazing journey with you all. Watch this space!




Voulez-vous ?

Case in point (warning: humble brag ahead), I recently began working a fabulous internship at an amazing fashion magazine *hair flip* and one of the few cons I can think of that Genevieve HQ is 2 hours away from my house. Now besides my internship, I have a number of other summer goals one of which is improving on my fitness. Now this includes at least an hour of exercise a day and some amount of meal prep. Now,  I’m expected to report to the office by 8 am and I need 2 hours of travel time. So what did this girl over here do? I get up 4 am to work out for an hour and meal prep ( I bring lunch from home ). As I was on the road reviewing my schedule I thought to myself, “Damn, you REALLY want this fitfam thing?” And to be honest,  I do. Anyone who even remotely knows me knows that I LOVE my sleep.

Recently I was reading a comment thread online that argued that eventually, all men/ women do this or that for x reason. To be honest, reasons are always availabe. Excuses are in abundance, but when a person decides that want to do a particular thing,  they’ll find a way to do it. 



Amazing news!!!

Today was/is officially my first day of my internship at the legendary Genevieve magazine. You know how I said a while ago I was redidictaed to my writing? Well, let’s take this as bold step one.

You know it’s funny I remember reading and rereading issues of G when I was a kid ( I was particularly obsessed with their scrapbook-like fashion editorials). And now many moons later, I’m a (sort of) employee. I’m beyond excited for all I’ll learn and see on this little adventure of mine and I’ll keep lovely people updated.



Sign Of The Times 

I had a conversation with my sister recently about how people are so paranoid sometimes.

My dad said sometime last time that even  though we don’t see it, the world is actually much better and more peaceful than ever before. Sadly, if you spent some time on the front page of any news site, you’d think we’ve hit rock bottom. During that time, we discussed what life was for him growing up in the 60s and 70s and hearing some of the issues they faced in that time makes me grateful for the time period I find myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I really romanticise time periods I wasn’t born in, but I’m happy where I am.

My sister also brought up the period circa 2009-2010 when everyone (myself greatly included) was obsessed with conspiracy theories and the illuminati and what not. Time between classes was spent arguing about hand signs in music videos and who was in a cult or what not.
We printed articles, deleted music from our phones for fear of listening to evil music etc.

Honestly,  I think it’s just an inevitable part of human nature to panic and worry and fuss. Hell, that’s what keeps doomsday cults going. The feeling of being out of control of our lives. To feel like we’re in the middle so something…..significant. Which lead us to worrying and waiting. Waiting for a sign of the times.