I’m Tokoni, a poet, day-dreamer, procrastinator, yoga-enthusiast, pizza-lover, cartoon-aficionado, sister, daughter, friend and everything else in between (Good golly, i have issues).

This little blog you see here is the largest collection of my poetry available anywhere (sadly that includes my dream journal :() I’m supposed to post a poem a day but more than likely, i’ll post consistently for a week then go into hiding for a month. I’m sorry. I get writers block A LOT. Truth be told, my best poems took weeks (or months) to write. Forgive me!

So stick around, read some poems, like, comment, send me money if you like!

God Bless,
Tokoni Olufunto Uti.

305 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this! I was just thinking of NaPoWriMo coming up and how I would love to attempt to do a poem a day!

    Also love that heading, “Heart on fire, fighting with all it’s might.”

    Beautiful words.

    All the best in your writing-


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  2. We are not so different.. all the same walls face me, often. Yet not unlike the rest, those whose souls cry out to be heard, to heal, to be known… We rise above, and to the occasion… And that which was meant to touch, to teach, to comfort, is found, articulated.. and ultimately born to go forth, and serve its purpose. Our purpose is, and ends with this giving… Until another is stirred from within… I believe.
    Your words, are lovely. I shall follow..

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  3. Invitation accepted! Posting once a day is a huge challenge but if you go missing for a time then we know that you will come back with fine words so keep writing and enjoying it and we will come back, because we are nice readers!

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  4. The banner photo did me in! The posts I have read so far seem to be a great amalgamation of the the woman you are. I most likely will be a frequent visitor here πŸ™‚

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  5. Hi Lovely,
    My son was doing a research project on Food and Fashion trends in South Africa and wanted a little survey from people connected with food and fashion. Is it okay if I take the liberty of asking you if you could help. If you have even a little idea of the general trends and tastes, you could help us. If it is a yes from you, I will forward the survey questions. I would need your email address for that.
    Thank you
    Love and regards


    1. ?

      I haven’t liked anything of yours recently, if i have i clicked by accident. My internet went off and when i came back my reader refreshed quickly so i might have clicked on your meaning to click on another .


  6. This looks like a great place, if only I can resist the chocolate cravings induced by your photos… I love what you wrote about how you may “post consistently for a week then go into hiding for a month.” My own creative juices ebb and flow, too.

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